Let's get
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What do I need, to follow a class on Shalaland?

A laptop with a webcam and microphone

We also highly recommend using wireless earphones to zone yourself off from your surroundings.

A decent internet connection

Make sure you have a decent internet connection for you and your teachers maximum experience.

A Chrome, Firefox or Opera internet browser

The Shalaland classrooms currently work only as a webapp with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Placing your mat

Step 1

Depending on the space you have pick your angle (A, B, C) with B being most preferable and C being least preferable as the teacher will see less details in your postures.

Step 2

Move your laptop or mat until your webcam shows all corners of the mat.

Step 3

Rotate your screen so that your webcam shows as little of the floor as possible in the bottom of your screen. So the more mat we see at the bottom the better! In this step it’s okay if the bottom corners of the mat fall a bit outside the screen.